Top Best series masks are designed for eye and face protection from sparks, weld splatter and harmful radiation during normal welding operations.

Top Best combines high technical performance, comfort and innovative design making it an auto-dimming mask suitable for all welding processes.

Through liquid crystal filter (LCD) technology, the fully digital control allows easy adjustment of the degree of dimming (DIN 9-13), sensitivity and delay.

The 4 sensors transmit maximum precision and reactivity providing greater safety to the operator, even during grinding operations (GRINDING).

The innovative and comfortable headband allows you to adjust the position of the mask with the utmost care and to wear it perfectly.

ADF saving mode automatically turns off the auto-dimming filter when the light intensity is lower than 3 Lux and turns it back on it when lighting exceeds 10 Lux, putting itself in Stand-by.

In work environments where the temperature exceeds 120° C, the intelligent filter locks in a darkened condition, guaranteeing complete safety for the welder operating in extreme conditions.

The Top Best series is built according to current EN 175 European standards and EN379 1/1/1/1 classified establishing the maximum quality level.

Main features
  • Liquid crystal filter
  • Solar cells - LITHIUM batteries
  • Maximum user comfort
  • Maximum face - neck protection
  • Large viewing area
  • Internal DIN adjustment
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Delay adjustment
  • Grinding function
  • Internal adjustable helmet
  • Optional accessories
Manuale Top Best