Air Cooled

Compliant (EN60974-7)
Cycles at 60% CO2: 260 A
Cycles at 60%  MIX (M21): 200 A
Wires diameter: Ø 0,8-1,2 mm

Compliant (EN60974-7)
Cycles at 60% CO2: 340 A
Cycles at 60% MIX (M21): 220 A
Wires diameter: Ø 0,8-1,2 mm

Compliant (EN60974-7)
Cycles at 60% CO2: 400 A
Cycles at 60% MIX (M21): 300 A
Wires diameter: Ø 0,8-1,6 mm

Main features
  • Ergonomic handle of reduced size for an optimal balance.
  • Gas diffusers and nozzle holders with external metal protection, for increased durability and heat resistance.
  • Spherical joint on the handle with optimal range of motion.
  • Thread guide tips with increased pitch to reduce the problems of binding, in high quality copper alloys, with a length of 40 mm to optimize the current transmission between wire and tip.
  • External nozzles with increased length combined with an insulator of the highest quality to allow considerable disposal of the heat.
  • High performance fl exible coaxial cable.
  • Push button complete with reed switch unique of its kind high performance.
  • Liquid cooling circuit with increased fl ow rate thanks to the torch body and to the current cable connections.
  • Cooled current cables with tinned copper braid for one greater durability and resistance to oxidation. Copper fittings for a greater transmission of current.
  • Sturdy torch bodies designed to improve circulation of the liquid and heat dissipation.
  • Long-lasting soft rubber water passage hoses.
  • Wiring, connections and assemblies complete the features high level.