403 E | 503 E | 320 LCD


The NOVAMIG INVERTER power sources NOVAMIG 403E / NOVAMIG 503E / NOVAMIG 320 LCD are the latest generation machine equipped with continuous inductance adjustment and presenting very specific characteristics both in welding and in the arc.
Another novelty that differentiates this generator from previous models is the intuitive adjustment of the synergic waves directly from the front panel.
Welding curves are stored in the software synergistic, pulsed, double pulsed.
It is complete with BURN - BACK which allows us to act on cutting the thread at the right length to facilitate the new arc ignition, and SOFT - START which allows us to act on the regulation of the engine starting speed improving consequently, the arc striking.
The power sources NOVAMIG 403E / NOVAMIG 503E are integrated by a Trolley cylinder holder with cooling GR3 ed equipped with a wire feeder 4 rollers - FEEDER WS3 - 4R and an extension cable standard from 5 or 10 Mt. the power source NOVAMIG 320 LCD are handy, portable and compact with a 4R wire feeder and an intuitive LCD screen that facilitates parameter adjustment.

  • Inverter technology
  • Energy saving
  • Inductance adjustment electronics and continuous
  • 2/4 stroke selection
  • Digital display ampere - volt
  • LCD display (novamig 320 lcd)
  • MMA mode
  • Digital display ampere - volt
  • TIG Lift Arc mode
  • Advance button wire - gas test
  • Pre and post gas regulation
  • Burn back adjustment
  • Soft start adjustment
  • Stored synergic programs
  • Coupling with motorgenerator
Main features
  • New IGBT inverter technology.
  • Manual MIG / MAG / SYNERGIC
  • Synergistic programs for aluminum, steel mild, stainless steel and CuSi
  • JOB mode (Save and recall 100 different work JOBs)
  • 2T / 4T welding mode
  • Adjustment of function parameters
  • MMA function (coated electrode)
  • VRD (device for reducing the voltage)
  • Soft START (improves arc striking of the electrode)
  • Adjustable Arc Force
  • TIG DC
  • Lift Arc ignition (guarantees integrity of tungsten during arc ignition)
  • 2T / 4T trigger control
  • Adjustable down slope
  • Air cooling mode
  • H2O cooling mode
  • Wire feeder, with 4 rollers drive can be equipped with coil up to Ø300 mm
  • Degree of protection IP23
  • Reverse polarity (NOVAMIG 320 LCD)
  • Tolerance on the supply voltage
  • Spool gun torch connection
Application fields
Metallurgical industry
Railway industry
Food industry
Petrochemical industry
Military industry
Automotive industry
Sheet metal processing
Manual 320 LCD
Manual 403 E 503 E