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One single welding machine to meet every requirement

The new family of welding machines EVOLUTION is designed for the industrial sectors that make reliability and efficiency their distinctive feature. The experience of Sincosald in the welders world and the applied advanced technology, make EVOLUTION a professional instrument with high performance and a user-friendly arc control.

Technology and efficiency of a different generation

The new multi-process inverter has been developed to perform MIG/MAG, TIG-lift, MMA and pulsed welding, guaranteeing absolute precision in arc starts and welding.
More than 200 synergy curves enable a wide variety of materials to be processed in order to meet the broadest demands in the world of welding.

Main features
  • 99 JOB ( working points) 100% customizable.
  • The smart torch POWER MASTER and REMOTE CONTROL UP/DOWN can be connected.
  • PUSH PULL torches can be used thanks to a new application included in the synchronisation card.
  • V.R.D. mode available.
  • Towing device with quick release rollers in different colours according to the materials being used and the diameters.
  • Electronic circuit specially designed to limit Inrush currents when the generator is switched on.
  • Integrated cooling system inside the generator.
  • Fast and precise short circuit control when welding with a very short arc.
  • The latest generation interface, enables the connection to the welding ROBOT in automated systems.
  • Compatible with industry 4.0.
  • Self-diagnosis system.
  • SEP software for the management, control and printing of welding processes.
In addition to the classic welding processes, Sincosald
Sincosald has developed 3 new highperformance welding processes:
EVO Pulse Speed
EVO Rise
EVO Speed
Application fields
Metallurgical industry
Railway industry
Food industry
Sheet metal processing
Petrochemical industry
Military industry
Automotive industry