Company Profile


SINCOSALD Srl was founded in 1950 with the name SINCO, as a family company working in the tooling field.
During the early years, SINCO started a small production of battery chargers giving the possibility to implant a real laboratory reaching the first real project of electrode welding power source. In 1960 was produced the first combined power source, for electrode (MMA) and wire (MIG / MAG).
In 1970, it was produced the first semi-automatic welding machine that was the first of a long series that continues until now.


Welding Division: It’s a structured building of 3000 m² positioned on heart of a large industrial area situated on the north part of Milan 
Automatism Division: This division is adjacent to the welding one, with an area of 800 m² 


The Products

We can offer a complete range of welding equipment and our product range includes:                   

  • Welding equipments MIG/MAG, TIG, welding MMA and PLASMA cutting
  • Positioners with rotating table or rolls and systems for rectilinear welding
  • Especially automatically plants studied for specific applications
  • Welding Robots 

A large range of welding accessories as protection curtains, welding masks, gas pressure reducers, tungsten electrodes and welding cable, complete the above list.



Our Services

SINCOSALD Srl and his team of professionals have gained a high degree of specialization and expertise that make it one of the market leaders.

The achievement of these standards has been made possible by a working methodology characterized by a very close cooperation with our customers

Standard and semi-automatic welding equipments     


Research and development
of new solutions  

In a so rapidly market changing, the innovation capacity is destined to be more and more significant.

Sincosald invests in R&D in order to better understand the needs of their consumers and offer them the best solutions


Commercial assistance and technical  

The Sincosald engineering department provides a direct technical assistance to the client. With people qualified in different languages, Sincosald helps the customer choosing the correct product follow its needs and explaining all features and the proper installation gives to the clients a complete support on the after sale service.


Testing and training
designed according to customer needs  

Sincosald, always attentive to the needs and demands of the customers, organizes meetings and training sessions. Our team is prepared to offer support the customers through test and training even at the customer site.



Sincosald offers to the customers its specialized staff for refresher courses on products and welding technologies. This is a service that confirm the trustworthiness and attention to the needs of its customers all around the world.