Technologie: Three-phases inverter


The power source NOVACUT 65 is a new generation INVERTER with an outstanding cutting capacity combined with reduced weight and size and a minor absorption (14.75Amps). It has a continuous current adjustment letting a perfect cutting true of the required parameter of cut. The Power Source is equipped with a reliable and efficient Torch SC72 with integrated safety and a convenient Ergonomic handle. The front panel is complete and with friendly user. The front panel is easy to use: there are a pressure gauge and a current regulator up to a maximum of 60 Amps. The panel is completed by the functions of full cut and grating cut

Spezifikation von


  • Verfahren: PLASMA
  • Strom: 65A 90%
  • Ernährung: Three-phase 400 V - 50/60 Hz

Dimension und Gewicht

  • Dimension:
    • Length 590 mm
    • Width 240 mm
    • Height 433 mm
  • Gewicht: KG 23