Novacut 46

The NOVACUT series power sources are Innovative INVERTERS that sum up a large cutting capacity combined with reduced weight and dimensions and an absorption content.
Current regulation is continuous thus allows the perfect adjustment of the desired cutting parameter.
The power source is equipped with a safe torch and performing with integrated safety and Ergonomic handle.
The control panel is complete and of the maximum ease of use. Inside of of it there is a pressure gauge and a current regulator potentiometer of cut up to a maximum of 20-40 Ampere depending on the model.
Complete the features of the power source the possibility of the full and grid cut function.

  • Continuous regulation of the
  • Cutting current
  • Energy saving
  • Simplicity of use
  • Excellent cutting quality
  • Full and grilled cut
  • Manometer for air pressure display
Main features
  • INVERTER technology with IGBT MODULE which give greater stability e reliability and a high service cycle.
  • A control system through microprocessor gives the features for a precise cut with limited thermal alteration.
  • Connection to CNC interface.
  • EURO torch connection system which ensures a secure fi t and reliable to the generator.
  • Possibility of using plasma torches of the latest generation that allow cutting performance of excellence and a long life of consumable parts.
  • Arc ignition system without HF for greater reliability and reduced pollution by EMF emissions.
Application fields
Metallurgical industry
Repair and maintenance
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